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Ninez Piezas-Jerbi

Thank you, Ivan!  Much appreciated!

On 10 Apr 2021, at 14:05, Ivan Butina <ivan.butina@...> wrote:

Hi Ninez,

I’m not sure about the current situation, but the WBG used to be quite engaged in KM with its government partners. A few initiatives that come to my mind are:

- The Knowledge Hubs, through which the WBG was working with a government agency to develop their KM capacity hence becoming a knowledge hub also for others (it was related to South South Knowlege Exchange as well),
- Related to that this guide was developed in becoming a knowledge sharing organization,
- The Tokyo Development Learning Center has been benefiting lots of government agencies. At times WBG CoPs would be actively involved in a technical lerning program developed for participate form governments,
- The WBG has many CoPs that include members for governments, so they are a channel from which they might be benefiting as well. You can find all many of these externally facing CoPs at C4D

The colleagues who were running these programs are Steffen Soulejman Janus (Hubs and the guide) and Phil Karp (TDLC).

These are not specific examples, but I hope they are useful leads to get to them. 


On Apr 10, 2021, at 2:28 AM, Ninez Piezas-Jerbi <npjerbi@...> wrote:


Was wondering if I could reach out to the experts in this community.   Would you know of specific examples of World Bank KM initiatives that have directly and positively benefitted their Member States (and not just the bank itself)? If there are links to them that would be helpful.

I’d be so grateful.

Many thanks,
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