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Love the SECI!  I wrote about Nonaka, Takeuchi, SECI, and so much more on my dissertation and I teach it in my course Beginning Your Knowledge Management Journey.

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First, I hope you are reading Nonaka (and Takeuk) so that you understand what they proposed in 

Nonaka and Takeuk theorized that the creation of knowledge is the result of a continuous cycle of four integrated processes: externalization, internalization, combination, and socialization. These four knowledge conversion mechanisms are mutually complementary and interdependent that change according to the demands of context and sequence Source:
This might be helpful:

Image source:

2) You might want to take a look at "The Phases of Remote Adaptation" by Darren Murph (Jan 28 2021). He works at GitLab. I think it is an interesting guide as to how a company might move from "all in office(s)" to "all out of offices."
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