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Ninez Piezas-Jerbi

Thanks so much, Bahar! I have added these to my list!


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´╗┐Hello Ninez,

Thank you for this question. I recommend looking at our report on World Bank's Knowledge Flow published in 2019 -

It has both the examples of what has operationally worked well and where we recommended the World Bank to fine-tune its knowledge flow. A note that some institutional changes has happened in the World Bank since the release of this report, but I think it provide a good overview.

You may also look into our older report on Knowledge-Based Country Programs - It is a but older but still shares some examples.

Hope this helps.


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Was wondering if I could reach out to the experts in this community. Would you know of specific examples of World Bank KM initiatives that have directly and positively benefitted their Member States (and not just the bank itself)? If there are links to them that would be helpful.

I'd be so grateful.

Many thanks,
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