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Murray Jennex

maybe I'm wrong, but to me working out loud won't do any good unless you are also listening and that can lead us to information overload....murray jennex

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I wonder how many WOL adherents could actually articulate what the purpose of WOL is, and how it adds value to their efforts? 

The challenge I’ve seen with WOL (and honestly the issue I have with it), is that there’s a lot of energy devoted to the “out loud” part (very loud in some cases); and a lot of people “working out” what they should be doing part; but in the end very little by way of actual “work” getting done. 

WOL was a great rallying cry to drive adoption of tools like Slack, Yammer, Jabber, etc. Brilliant bit of marketing, really. And in it’s original form it had merit - merit that was all but lost once it was co-opted by those who used it to sell their wares; and end-users who adopted for myriad reasons that had not much to do with actual collaboration and working. My $0.02, anyways. 

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