December 2005 SIKM Call: Tom Davenport - Thinking for a Living: Improving the Performance of Knowledge Workers #monthly-call

Garfield, Stan <stanley.garfield@...>

Today we held our 7th monthly call.  Here is a summary.


1.      Tom Barfield, Accenture
2.      Richard Bettenhausen, Fidelity Information Services
3.      Raj Datta, MindTree
4.      Stan Garfield, HP
5.      Bill Ives
6.      Michael Koffman
7.      Doug Madgic, Cisco
8.      Mark May, IBM
9.      Kevin Mayes, Aon
10.    Sarah Oldrin, Solvay
11.    Paul Rehmet, Unisys
12.    Chris Riemer, Knowledge Street LLC
13.    John Schwiller, LogicaCMG
14.    Marguerite Sclafini, Marsh
15.    Kiran Seshadri, Tata Consultancy Services
16.    Wout Steurs, KPMG
17.    Reed Stuedemann, Caterpillar
18.    Sanjay Swarup, Ford
19.    Jack Vinson, Knowledge Jolt, Inc.
20.    Dianna Wiggins, McDonalds Corporation

Tom Davenport presented "Thinking for a Living: Improving the Performance of Knowledge Workers."  His presentation is available at Tom Davenport.ppt

Raj Datta suggested knowledge creation as the
topic of a future call.


Thanks to those of you who were on the call.  I will send out a reminder for future calls on the business day prior to the call.

Future Calls

·       January 17:  Doug Madgic - "KM at Cisco Advanced Services"
·       February 21: Jack Vinson - "Knowledge communities, community building, and blogging"
·       March 21: Reed Stuedemann - "Caterpillar's Knowledge Network"
·       April 18: Bill Ives - "What blogs and wikis bring to business and knowledge management"
·       May 16: Kent Greenes - "Making learning & performing routine"
·       June 20: Raj Datta - "Building a Knowledge Culture"

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