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Stephen Bounds

Hi Vandana,

If you can monitor uploads by user, think about tracking the number of users who have contributed any articles as a better metric for commitment to use than raw upload numbers. You probably don't want one user to be supplying 50 uploads per week and no-one else adding anything into the system!

However, I suggest that the main issue with the metrics you have described as available is that they all measure proximate goals (ie goals in support of a business outcome) rather than an ultimate business goal (such as reduced average case time, fewer errors, higher customer satisfaction, etc).

You need to find a plausible link between one of your proximate metrics and a valued business outcome to make your metrics meaningful. This link could be done empirically, or anecdotally, quantitatively or qualitatively.

For example, you could survey the team and ask something simple like:

  1. The KB has helped me solve cases faster: Never / Occasionally / Sometimes / Frequently
  2. The KB has helped me make fewer errors: Never / Occasionally / Sometimes / Frequently
  3. My customers have been happier because of a solution I found in the KB: Never / Occasionally / Sometimes / Frequently

If you track your usage stats and repeat this survey every few months you should see increasing usage tracking with increased business benefits (and if not, well ... that's a whole other conversation).

Once you've demonstrated the link between usage and benefits to the satisfaction of your manager, you can decrease the frequency of user surveys or cease them altogether since it will have been established as a proxy for the thing you want to really measure, ie business benefit.


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On 26/04/2021 9:56 pm, Vandana Wadhawan via wrote:

Hi all,

I'm working on a project where a KB has been offered as a solution to a team. While i see a few engagements and usage, its too early to see the trend. However, the Leader of that team has approached me to create an engagement goal that his team could aspire towards. Any insights on how to plan and define an initial engagement goal? 

Please advise and share insights on what could be the right approach!

The metrics is limited to users (i.e. views), uploads and downloads of knowledge articles.


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