Network Mapping - Good practice & lessons learnt #mapping #SNA-ONA-VNA

Priyadarshini Banati

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all doing well today. 

I work for Q, a community of 4000+ members who come together to improve health & care across the UK and Ireland. We're piloting the use of Kumu for network mapping.  I am reaching out to the experts in this group to understand how you have approached network mapping with your communities.  What have you learnt from doing this?  Are there examples of your work where you used network mapping to actively shape / recalibrate your community's strategy and/or the support provided to that community?  What are the 2-3 things that we need to avoid or be wary of as we start down this path?

I will be happy to gather what is shared in this group and share it back with the group... and if there's sufficient interest, can volunteer to organise a peer assist to discuss what we've learnt across the group.

Looking forward to your help,
Priya Banati

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