Evolving collaboration plan/solution to KM strategy/implementation #case-studies #innovation #collaboration #startup #engagement

Sukhdeep Wasu

Hello fellow KMers! Hoping to pick on to your knowledge vaults and derive valuable insights 'specifically' for a government entity that I am currently engaged on.  They operate as a startup and have come in to existence about 1.5 years ago.  Therefore from a startup model/perspective, what relevant insights would you suggest, regarding any:

1.  KM best practices for startups.  I realize there are already a plethora of best practices out there (great ones shared by Stan, too).  However, this is with a zoom lens on startups.
2.  Overarching fun and innovative solution(s) (this entity is bold and happy to be a pilot to test or try out a new concept).  The products/information being produced by various groups for people to consume are: research papers, flyers, cartoon/animations, surveys, murals, podcasts and surveys amongst others.  The purpose is to disseminate these to various academicians, share publications or white papers.
3.  How would one make a solution 'sticky' whereby people get hooked to it? 

In summary: The idea is to first work towards a collaboration plan and implement a collaboration solution and later, retrofit (or plug) that in to the knowledge management strategy and implementation of it.   Agreed this isn't an ideal way to work back-to-front, they are more the tangible sorts and want to get a sense of and implement a usable solution for an imminent event coming up this November.  It's a T-minus approach and the clock is ticking on them, and therefore the need of the hour is a fun/innovative solution & one that gets people hooked on to.

I'd be super grateful to hear from the collective here!


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