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Sukhdeep Wasu

Cheers Stan and Tom - for getting the ball rolling on this.

To add some context here:

1.  The entity that I'm working with are looking at 'innovative solutions' out there.  They are happy to be that trailblazer.  Budget isn't a constraint :) They operate in an agile manner, one I have forewarned them to consider a point in time when their foot is off the pedal and when they get to a cruising speed, given they're only a 1.5 year old organization.  It's an NGO/education sector based entity who have no CRM and they're busy running off in tangents with T-minus to achieve their deadlines.

2.  Their current aim is to have a collaboration solution in place (for one department first) - have this as a use case and retro-fit this/plug it into a at a later stage, an organization wide KM strategy.  They work with academicians, policy makers, researchers towards cutting edge stuff and want a medium to be able to collaborate between various contracted individuals worldwide.  List of products they are currently producing are murals, meeting minutes, flyers, cartoon/animations, podcasts, whitepapers, publications.  They need the solution to have the ability to (a) store/classify/use/re-use this in to converted knowledge (from information and data).

3.  They require the solution to be fun and innovative - one that is 'sticky' that will entice people to be on it/use it on a daily basis where this would not be a new way, rather another way for them to be equipped with running their discussions globally, capturing all the goodness from there and then disseminating it within the global group and within the wider organization.

Thanks in advance, all.


On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 12:44 AM Tom Short <tshortconsulting@...> wrote:

Hello Sukhy - It’s hard to for me to recommend prescribe something to help startups per your description for a couple of reasons:

1. A “startup” within an existing government agency operates under a different set of constraints than an actual startup.
2. I am not aware of any KM tools for specifically used for startups. You might check out Agile techniques, like Scrum, though, as that may be quite relevant to support a startup within a government agency.
3. KM does not exist as a solution in isolation to a business need. It’s not like, say, email. There are dozens if not hundreds of tools and techniques that fall under the heading of KM. In order to create a solution, you first need to define a business need, goal or challenge. From there you define current state including systems, culture/behavior, roles, org structure, etc, and what the challenge is in terms of those. And then you can begin to explore various types of KM intervention that might be relevant. 

Good luck with your quest.

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