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On the lighter side of generation Alpha and Omega:


Architects, generals, sailors, pilots, operators of complex equipment, astronauts, engineers, soldiers, and many others have all been multi-tasking for generations.


One may even refer to cave people hunting while guarding against predators as the beginning of multi-tasking. Eat or be eaten is a takes multi-tasking to another level for anyone.


Today we associate ‘multi-chatter’ with multi-tasking.  Does getting 1/8 of 8 different conversations = a whole conversation?



Thumbs typing bullets


Bits of info spread across the group


Messages streaming


Leaves much to interpretation


Busy responding?


Must save time


Use symbols <(:>)




2  fab cool & qik 4 me


Share KM @ any TM


U   2  can RSVP in multpl



Twiddle thumbs a twittering we will go



Now harvesting, understanding, sharing, and retaining knowledge in this environment is going to be very interesting.


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There is a huge generation gap on "braing thrashing threshold". Gen-Y seems to be able mutli-tasking much more effectively than older generations (like me).


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Oh yes, Twitter. Tried's my feelings about it:



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I think the other members have put it pretty well. I'd say go for it. I might
even feel moved to blog. many of you Twitter? I've just tried it for the first time. I suppose
there might be lots of people who really need to tweet, have a practical reason
for it, but I don't, as a function of what I do, so it left me feeling just a
bit, how shall I put this...narcissistic? Have you ever had that feeling about
any of these Web 2 gimmicks?

Peter Dorfman

On Wed Jul 2 13:45 , 'Stan Garfield' <> sent:

>APQC has offered to play a larger role in supporting the SIKM Leaders
>Community. This could include con call logistics, providing wider
>access to presentations, and providing a blog platform.
>Before agreeing to any of this, I wanted to ask the members for their
>views. If you agree, disagree, or have ! other s uggestions on this topic,
>please reply to this thread. No decisions will be made without first
>notifying the members.
>--- In, Bill Kaplan wrote:
>> I would suggest considering a multiple set of candidate sponsors if
>> is the approach taken.
>--- In, Mike Koffman wrote:
>> Stan, if you put all these presentations together you will have a nice
>> book of readings. Perhaps that is something to consider. Over time,
>> quite a bit of intellectual capital has passed through this community.
>> A volunteer committee might pick the "best" offerings and seek to get
>> release permission from the authors. Perhaps an APQC-sponsored
>> ! publica tion? The nice idea to me is the concept of a publication
>> emanating from a an on-line virtual community.
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