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Hi Kim - Nick's chapter is excellent.  This one is also a good one.

It's the GE story and will provide a nice benchmarking opportunity.


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Hi Kim – I don’t know if you already have this? Chapter 9 may be helpful


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Hello all,

I've been asked a benchmarking question by a large group within our company, and thought I would reach out here to gather some input. They want to know what other companies are doing with KM. Can any of you share a brief overview of your scope? I'll start with an excerpt from a recent communication about our KM program.

"Our KM solutions are designed to enable employees across the globe to collaborate, share their knowledge and learn from each other - facilitating a learning culture in which we thrive and realize possibilities as people and as a business.   

The solutions that form the backbone of our global Knowledge Management toolkit now include: 

·                     The Bridge, chartered global networks optimizes knowledge sharing; members ask questions, challenge ideas, seek resolutions to issues and warn against repeating mistakes - regardless of location

·                     The Well, our enterprise wiki, features 3,000 pages generated by employees

·                     Experts Explain webinar series and Illuminate podcast, delivered weekly, feature subject matter experts discussing a variety of impactful and current business topics

·                     Facilitated Collaboration, two applications for crowdsourcing ideas and solutions:

-               Spigit, a large-scale ideation platform, allows groups to respond to challenges and find innovative solutions to business problems

-               Meeting Sphere, an engaging crowd sourcing tool, helps teams generate ideas, build consensus and expedite solutions quickly

Knowledge Management is an important part of our company’s learning ecosystem and there is something for everyone."

Note: we are positioned as internal consultants and provide knowledge-sharing and change management support for large, global initiatives, and are a sister group to Learning. 

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