Re: Quick Summary of KM Scope? #metrics #strategy #vision

David Graffagna

Hi Kim,


We’re only 1 ½ years into our formal KM journey here, but we have a good working model for moving forward, we have leadership support, and we’re focusing on some key areas to add value as we build out for the long-term. Let me start by framing the context in which we are developing (e.g., how we have defined and described KM for our audiences); this portion is rather generic but it sets the tone.


Challenge: How might people, processes, tools or technologies be enhanced or applied differently to improve, facilitate and standardize our capture, exchange and leverage of knowledge, information, resources and expertise?


Definition: Facilitating access to those core things that make us a success. Connecting people with the resources they need (who and what), at the most opportune points in time so they can do their best work and add value to the organization.


Vision: To create an effective and efficient knowledge-sharing and collaboration environment and culture that contributes to our success.


Goals: Tackling these goals has a positive impact on marketplace success, strength and growth. Overall, our goals for KM are to:

  1. Increase speed to capture and find resources, knowledge, and expertise;
  2. Improve leveraging of, and insight from, what we know;
  3. Reduce cost, time, redundancies;
  4. Enhance quality and value of resources;
  5. Simplify, expand, and facilitate ease of access to resources and expertise;
  6. Improve work experience for employees;
  7. Preserve knowledge assets from decay and departure.


Specifically, our focus is around a few areas:

  • KM Hub … our ever-evolving, centralized site (aka “front door”) to a wide variety of key resources, access to expertise, etc.
  • KM-related Communication … using various internal communication vehicles and approaches to promote and enhance better knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
  • Lessons Learned … finding better, more standard ways to capture, share and deliver value (e.g., apply learnings) from project- and process-related lessons learned.
  • Project Management … delivering guidance, resources, training and support to enhance the effectiveness of the organization’s project management skills and approach.
  • SME Network … framing, developing and delivering an effective network of SMEs, providing easier access to experts, defining core competencies and skills related to strategic areas, building a pipe-line of next generation SMEs.
  • Leverage KM-Related Opportunities with Other Areas … we don’t live in isolation of KM-related efforts and activities in other areas of the organization. An ongoing assessment of when, where, how and why we would get involved and what support we would provide to KM-related opportunities in other areas of the organization. Some examples might include supporting COPs, developing content resource repositories, identifying and establishing process standards, developing playbooks, etc.


Hope that helps!



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