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Murray Jennex

I remember that Oklahoma State developed a searchable video system for the army on doing IED identification and disarming.  They used the concept of knowledge nugget to keep the videos short (5-15 minutes) so that you didn't have to search through the video much to find what you need....murray jennex

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Interesting, Stephen. I wasn’t thinking about from the standpoint of meetings and zoom calls - but that in itself presents another interesting use case. And there sure are a lot of calls recorded taking up space on servers that I bet are never accessed again. 
What I was imagining was a library of “how to” videos, perhaps for field workers for example. So you’re out there repairing a piece of equipment in a chip fab, let’s say, and you video the repair, which is uploaded to a searchable video repository based on the make and model of the equipment, the type of repair, etc. The next time someone needs to fix that problem on that same type of equipment, they can “look over your shoulder” via the video and learn how to do it, saving time as well as expense of screw ups. Of course, someone would have to vet the videos and determine which ones were using the approved procedure and which ones weren’t. 
Something like that, I would think, would be workable. The challenge has always been, as you say, finding the bit at 42:55 that is relevant to the specific question someone in the field has - figuring out which video it’s in is hard enough; then navigating quickly to the right bit - next to impossible thus far.  
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