Knowledge Mapping: Expiring content & Taxonomy counts #mapping #content-management #taxonomy

Jay Kreshel

I have begun a Knowledge Mapping exercise and have learned a couple of things about my data that I need help managing. 
  1. We have a lot of really good content. But, when we posted it to our Content Management Systems, we failed to document its post dates... AND, as we work through determining which content will help us engage our employees and customers at the right time. When it is time to add new content, what is the best practice on expiring content and when to remove it from the system?
  2. With our taxonomy of labels for tracking and tagging data, we have a list of 130 individual labels across 18 categories. Feels like a lot... What is the Best Practice for a reasonable count?
  3. I was also given guidance around a Controlled Vocabulary as an alternative. I believe that this would decrease the number of categories and categories. Does anyone have a case study that would help me determine which method to use?
Thanks in advance.

(300 person start-up, Technology company.)

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