Re: How do you answer the question: What is knowledge management consulting? #definition #humor #consulting


Dear Bill,

to answer this question is the main purpose of our 3 Sphere Model. It helps us to discuss the profiling and positioning of KM consulting with clients.

If what the client originally had in mind concerned only information management, then he sees other options using the model and vice versa.

Our answer is that KM consulting is dealing with all the tools, methods and techniques alongside the spheres:

Glad to explain more if needed.

Kind regards,

Dr. Pavel Kraus
President SKMF

Dear Colleagues


I was at an event last week and I asked a few colleagues this question.  The answers surprised me…so…I wanted to get your take on this question and its answer.  In other words, how do you describe KM consulting when you may be asked this question?


Much appreciate hearing your answers.









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