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Arthur Shelley

Thanks Stan,

This is the most comprehensive list I have seen compiled in one place. Thanks for sharing.
I asked in KNOWledge SUCCESSion "How do you make any decision or take any action without knowledge?"
Although rhetorical - the obvious answer is "badly" (are sub-optimally at the very least).
So knowledge in my mind knowledge links to EVERYTHING (that we feel, think and do).

We are all on a life journey of "Becoming" (that is, something/someone different as we evolve our capabilities and experiences). 
The most important (and unique) thing that changes along this journey is our knowledge. It is the foundation of who we become, by influencing:
Why we understand our perspectives are important
Who we should share it with 
What we know to be critical (& what is not)
When to share or act on this knowledge
How to collaborate with others to achieve best mutual outcomes 
Where this is all best to implement.

In terms of a few additions to your excellent list (although perhaps some of these are outcomes of combinations of others in your list already, so implied anyway).

Adaptability - the ability to move thinking & behaviour in the light of new knowledge, or in a lack of knowledge to enable decisions & actions to move forward in uncertainty. Related to VUCA and in life generally.

Ba - Japanese concept that represents a contextual place shared with others from which relationships emerge, and within which knowledge is exchanged or shared. This place may be physical, virtual, or mental or a combination of these.

Behaviour - the critical aspect of how humans interact & share

Curiosity - the desire to know more & why

Cocreation  - output of inclusive & creative collaboration

Emergence (related to complexity, but important enough to be listed separately I think)

Knowledge Succession (not just transfer, but the cocreation of new knowledge as people collaborate/socialise in projects)

Learning Frameworks (eg Reverse Bloom Learning Framework & others)

Mindset - the degree to which ones mind is open or closed to new knowledge

Reflective Practice (Donald Schon and others)

Stakeholders (the beneficiaries of knowledge application)

Value (or benefits- why we act on knowledge)

I was very pleased to see facilitation on the list as this is what great KMers do most. Also the acknowledgement of Knowledge Flow & Visualisation. Flow is necessary fir value to be created. As knowledge flow increases and it is applied on more places/ways, value is amplified.

The great thing about sharing a list like this is it stimulates others to add to it for the benefit of all. Thanks again as always and for being an inclusive collaborative knowledge leader as this activity you opened up demonstrates.

Arthur Shelley
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On 8 Jun 2021, at 02:57, Allison Inglett <ainglett@...> wrote:

Good morning,

KM is new to my scope of work and I am so glad to have found you and the organization.  You give a lot of your time and share so much of your expertise. While I do not have time in my project efforts right now, KM is on my list of goals for this coming FY.  I wanted to let you know that I save so much of the content, emails, links, and videos so I can learn from the best when the time comes.

Thank you for your efforts.

Allison Inglett
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On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 8:05 AM Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> wrote:
I published a list of KM Topics that currently includes 194 topics relevant to knowledge management, with links for each to additional details. Please reply to suggest topics that should be added. Thanks!

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