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If I could build on Arthur’s insight, I would add that another useful question one should as: “What outcome(s) do you want from your investment and focus on KM to solve the (specific) business and operational challenge(s) addressed in 1 and 2 below. This helps you to get from where you are to where you want to be.







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The case for knowledge is specific for each circumstance. The optimal proposal needs to be relevant within the context of your organisation. A good way to approach this is to ask a few questions to key people in the organisation:

A. What are the biggest challenges facing the organisation (internal & externally)?

B. What are the biggest barriers to our success in addressing these?


1. Analyse the answers you get for common patterns. 


2. Facilitate a conversation with a diversity of key experienced people to stimulate ideas on possible ways to address for knowledge principles to act on the challenges

This may help you on this aspect:


3. Develop the best ideas from that conversation by combining them into implementable projects: You can use Cocreated Projects Worth Doing approach for this: 


4. Create a portfolio of projects that have been cocreated by the people in your organisation is then the basis of a knowledge strategy that will be supported and will generate benefits. A communication of stories sharing the benefits from this are the basis of your ongoing/evolving knowledge case. 


This process takes persistence if effort investment, and in doing do builds relationships, trust a flow of benefits. These in turn, develop a community worth being part if that attracts people and engages them in knowledge creation and sharing. It is not easy, but IS worthwhile.


We wish you well - share your stories of success here so others have the confidence to commit & implement as well. 😊


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Thanks so much, Rezwan!  It's so nice to be part of this community!





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McKinsey's KM Practices, this one is old, attached, new one will have to be purchased online. 

McKinsey and company case study analysis , a  research paper, attached.




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Can anyone help Ninez by responding to her request for reports that make the case of knowledge management? Thanks!

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