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Arthur Shelley


You make some good points in your post. I agree it is good to know a purpose - WHEN it is possible to do so. Sometimes (like in creativity, innovation, discovery missions, personal development ... AND in my cooking) we do not know what the specific outcome will be or why we are sharing. However we do know that a constructive conversation around aligned concepts will produce some wonderful insights that did not exist before gge conversation.

Thus exploratory, divergent approach enables serendipitous cocreation of nee knowledge and insights. Including this exchange between us now. This would not have happened if it we only acted on a known purpose. I did not wake up this morning and think, I will go onto SIKM Leaders and share a post about knowledge cocreation...
I opened my email out of curiosity to explore what is happening, read & reflected on your contribution, which stimulated me to share my thoughts with members. This in turn will open new thoughts for others - which may help them in other purposes.

Emergent conversations cocreate magic! 😊
This inturn, creates some new purposes (and perhaps more importantly, new relationships and strengthened trust between people in a community).

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Stan and Patrick thank you for the information, I will share with the group the results.

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