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Dennis Thomas

Wow.  It looks like I had a better time last night than I realized.  Thanks to all for indulging a moment of insanity and forgiving me for my choice of words.  I deeply apologize for my choice of words.  Many, if not most of you are far more involved in current KM than I am.  So please forgive.  

Otherwise, Since I brought up the point I did create a graphic to help get my point across.  It’s what I am thinking about these days, and trying to get into code.  Perhaps it should be on the list?   Going on vacation!!!!

Best to all, Dennis 

On June 14, 2021 at 7:46:17 AM, Stan Garfield (stangarfield@...) wrote:

On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 03:34 PM, Tim Powell wrote:
What is the PURPOSE-mission-goal of capturing such a list?  Who is it for?  How is it to be used?  What authority will it convey (if only by implication)?
Tim, thanks for these questions. I appreciate your post.

As a member of the Knowledge Management Master's Degree Program Board of Advisors Member at Kent State University, I started the list to help plan the curriculum. My intent was to provide a set of topics from which to select courses to offer. By creating a comprehensive list of possible course topics, the advisory board can avoid missing any that might be important.

Beyond this initial purpose, the list can be used by anyone interested in learning more about the field of knowledge management. Here is a comment I received when sharing the list in a LinkedIn post: "Thank you very much. I love this. It will be helpful for me to understand KM".

It can be used as a KM encyclopedia. Patrick Lambe described me as an "encyclopedist of the discipline" which I think is accurate, so this list fits with his description. The list not only collects relevant topics; it includes links to articles that expand on each topic. So it is a curated collection of information and opinions on each topic.

It has no formal authority, but it may carry some weight based on my experience and that of the other contributors who responded to my request for additions. It is my personal view of the scope of the field, augmented by the contributions of other community members, including both objective explanations and subjective thinking.

I shared the list for three reasons:
  1. To solicit additional topics. This worked, as the list grew from 185 to 257 topics (so far).
  2. To start a lively discussion. This worked, as this is the 32nd post in the thread (so far).
  3. To make it available to those who might benefit from its content. Based on the comments received so far, I think it will be useful to others.

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