Re: June 2021 SIKM Call: Gavin Chait - Data Curation: Data probity in a time of COVID #monthly-call #COVID-19 #data-science #curation

Stan Garfield

Today we held our 190th monthly call. Thanks to Gavin for presenting, to Tim Powell and Linda Hummel for speaking up, and to all those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread. Here are the details of the call.
Group Chat

[6/15/2021 11:01:24 AM] Louis-Pierre GUILLAUME: hello All !!

[6/15/2021 11:32:36 AM] Tim Powell: Fascinating work and presentation. Your graphics are beautiful and exemplary!

[6/15/2021 11:50:11 AM] Susan Genden: Have to go now. Thank you!

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