Re: Need advice re helping a small company organize their training documents #SharePoint #content-management #learning

Madeleine Du Toit



I am actually working with a similar request at the moment….. In the absence of an LMS I’m putting the carious training onto SharePoint. In the backend I have a file structure that makes sense to the administrator (folders etc) but I’m building a front end onto a SharePoint Communication site that visually displays the documents in a way that makes sense to the users. Together with videos, extra content, etc. So I’m almost building a manual using the SP communication site structure and functionality.


I then plan on hosting it on our Intranet and including tabs in the different teams on sections that are important to just some teams. If you load videos onto Stream you can see the number of views (unfortunately not who views it so not as good as an LMS, but it can tie you over until the LMS is procured.)


Would love to see other opnions.



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