Re: Need advice re helping a small company organize their training documents #SharePoint #content-management #learning

Nirmala Palaniappan

One method that I am personally fond of is to create a visual interface.
You could create a visual process diagram with clear blocks and then link your content to the respective blocks! Use hashtags for collating similar content. In addition, you could create communities that guide novices around each block of your process (in case your organisation is large enough)


On Tue, 6 Jul 2021 at 8:12 AM, Dylan Williams <dylanwms@...> wrote:
Hi all - I'm working with a small recruiting company that's trying to centralize and organize its training materials in a way that makes the materials easy to present and manage. Currently, they have one big Recruiting Training manual (Word doc) that sits in a SP folder.  They have best practices documents (associated with various sections of the Training manual) across their Team sites; they also have a lot of related training documents sitting in emails and on hard drives. They've hired a trainer to do the training, and they've asked me to come up with a way of housing the materials that makes them easily referenced by their recruiters and easily managed by the trainer. They're not ready to spend (yet!) on an LMS, so I'm working with Sharepoint/Teams. My initial thinking on the structure is to use the Training manual chapter headings to create individual folders (e.g., Interviewing Your Candidate; Prepping Your Candidate For Sending Out; Following Up with the Client, etc.)  and supporting the chapter with associated Best Practices and other commentary. So - a series of folders, each one focused on a recruiting topic, presented sequentially (e.g., the "Interviewing the Candidate" folder would obviously come before the "Sending them to the Client"). But this whole area is not what I normally do, so I'd be interested in any advice or approaches you think I should consider. Thanks.

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