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Robert L. Bogue

Lydia –


I think there are two key ways to improve the process.


First, create chunks that are understandable.  20 pages is a lot.  Creating an index of sorts that explains what is where is a good start.  The more the information can be packaged in a way that allow people to process it easily the more readily that it will be used.


Second, they need to know why THEY need to know what is in that section and why they want to interact with it.  One of the ways that I explain it is to write teasers that get people interested in the content.  There’s a video about it at


Finally, I’d offer that as much as I have an aversion to gamification, creating a simple map like a candy land / Life type board that shows people the steps to being a part of the team, the more likely they are to work their way through the packet.  (because the packet completion is connected with being a part of the organization.)





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Subject: [SIKM] Need Help with Onboarding


Dear KMers,


I need help with putting in place and onboarding and OffBoarding package for a large organisation.


I work for an organisation that has over 1000 staff, and where there are usually many reassignments. The problem is that, while we have a package, it is over 20 pages, which means new people don’t take the time to read it when they come to the country. Any advise on how this can be improved? We also don’t have an offboarding process that helps us retain knowledge from people leaving, any advice on how to go about this? Any insights will be highly appreciated.



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