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Murray Jennex

I'm currently onboarding at a university and I have a little different take.  The onboard package is nice but by itself not real helpful, my problems arise as I start doing my job and I have lots of process questions.  Some are anticipated and some aren't.  I suggest organizing the onboard package by job function and have a communicated place where the new hire can find it.  Of course, my real suggestion is to have onboard mentors.  I did research on new members to an organization several years ago and found that new members don't use the written guidance much, they prefer to talk to people.  As I write this I realize I am doing the same thing, I talk and email people with my questions and don't refer to the onboard packet.  Is it laziness? I don't think so, what I found back then and find now is that my context as a new member is very different than HRs.  My onboard packet is set up for new professors, I'm retired from one university moving to this one.  My experience and context is completely different than that of a young new hire and this university hasn't anticipated that.  All that said, I just don't think you can create an onboard packet that fits everyone and every context and you will need to be prepared for face to face interactions, hence having mentors. thanks.....murray jennex

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I think what you want to do is get the new hires to familiarize themselves with what is in the onboarding package so they can find what they need when they need.  One way to do this is to prepare a set of questions that are answerable by looking in the package.  Each question should indicate the page in the package on which they can find the answer.  Completing and submitting their answers is part of the onboarding process and must be completed and submitted.  (I did this years ago to get construction site superintendents to familiarize themselves with the union contract so they could better deal with the union reps.  The questions accompanying written materials are known technically as an “adjunct program.”)
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Dear KMers,
I need help with putting in place and onboarding and OffBoarding package for a large organisation.
I work for an organisation that has over 1000 staff, and where there are usually many reassignments. The problem is that, while we have a package, it is over 20 pages, which means new people don’t take the time to read it when they come to the country. Any advise on how this can be improved? We also don’t have an offboarding process that helps us retain knowledge from people leaving, any advice on how to go about this? Any insights will be highly appreciated.

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