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In my organization, World Trade Organization (WTO),  aside from giving a “welcome pack, we also organize an “Induction Day” for all new hires where representatives from each of all our divisions, occupational networks, staff informal networks, staff wellbeing support and cross-cutting teams talk about what they do and how they can be helpful. This gives the new people an overview of the organization, what is out there and who takes care of what (in general), and not just have information of the task they were hired to do.

 In the unit where the new person goes, there usually is a senior officer to show him/her the ropes for a month or 2.  The new recruits also have a reception with the Director General or the Deputy Director-Generals, usually just to welcome them and give a little “pep“ talk about the organization’s mandate.

New hires are also given internal mentors (and coaches), if they wish, to help them navigate themselves in the Secretariat.  They usually have them for 3 months or so.

For offboarding, we started a “chat-show type of event, called “WTO In Person”.  It’s like a TV show with a host, guest and an audience.  It’s a very informal “entre nous” internal event where anecdotes, lessons learned, aha moments, passions (professional or personal) and messages to the next generation are shared.  It’s actually a fun and relaxed lunchtime event where the focus is not just about the employee but also the individual.

In the individual units, some are now making efforts in organizing exit interviews as well as process mapping for their replacements.  But unfortunately not all do this systematically or intentionally yet.  Our records and archives people meet with departing staff to see what informal notes need to be archived for future use. Though, depends if the person leaving is cooperative.

Hope this helps.

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Great advice!
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