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Stephen Bounds

Hi all,

I have been reading these super-useful exchanges with great interest and feel compelled to ask the question: As a KM community, how do we move beyond anecdote and sharing of individual experience in this area?

Onboarding and induction is surely one of the most universal and impactful knowledge practices any organisation implements. I can hardly think of a more useful place for us to develop and systematize a 'best practice' KM approach (with staff exit likely coming second).

In terms of the six "S" factors required to demonstrate a clinical approach:

  • Can we precisely specify the parts of an organisation that participate in induction?
  • Are there studies of induction practices and processes and their effectiveness we can draw upon?
  • Can we quantify standards (benchmarks) that could demonstrate where induction is working as it should?
  • Can we meaningfully talk about symptoms of poor induction? Can we map these to potential diagnoses of organisational dysfunction (diseases, disorders, syndromes, or conditions) using validated tools and a differential diagnosis approach?
  • Based on our diagnosis, can we document indications and contraindications for the deployment of known solutions to address suboptimal induction practices?
  • How do we capture and share all of this in a long-term, meaningful, and evolving way among the KM community?

I see lots of great information to draw on already. How do we take this to the next level?


Stephen Bounds
Executive, Information Management
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On 6/07/2021 5:58 pm, Lydia Jamenya wrote:

Dear KMers,


I need help with putting in place and onboarding and OffBoarding package for a large organisation.


I work for an organisation that has over 1000 staff, and where there are usually many reassignments. The problem is that, while we have a package, it is over 20 pages, which means new people don’t take the time to read it when they come to the country. Any advise on how this can be improved? We also don’t have an offboarding process that helps us retain knowledge from people leaving, any advice on how to go about this? Any insights will be highly appreciated.



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