What is the current/future role of AI in the KM processes? #art-of-KM #AI #collaboration #methods #knowledge-capture

Ginetta Gueli

Dear SIKM leaders,
my name is Ginetta Gueli and I am information and Knowledge Manager.  I am currently co-working on a university research project in collaboration with prof. Luna Leoni (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy).
As you may know, Industry 5.0 calls for the adoption of a human-centric approach for digital technologies (including artificial intelligence) that requires an upskilling and deskilling of the workers, particularly in terms of digital skills. All of this have an impact on the knowledge management of organizations and so on firms performance. However, it is still not clear if and how these new digital technologies may practically help knowledge managers in their job within organizations, facilitating and improving knowledge mining, management and dissemination. This is particularly true when referring to the role that Artificial intelligence (AI) may play in terms of Knowledge management (KM) practices within organizations. So our key starting question is: what is the current role of AI in the KM processes? And if none, what role AI will play in the future of KM? 
The topic is hot, and we aim to build a practical and concrete report (i.e. a paper) that can be useful to understand the status quo and the way forward.
In this respect we are looking for Knowledge Manager/KM professionals who are concretely implementing AI solutions in their organizations (no restrictions of size, country, type of business, etc.) and would like to get in contact with them to set up an interview.
If you are interested to know more on content, timing, privacy of the interview, etc., or you know anyone that could be, please drop me an email or answer to this thread by 31st July 2021. 
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you for the positive consideration and kind regards,
NB: to know more us, please visit our IN profiles :-)
Ginetta Gueli
Information & Knowledge Manager | Project Manager

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