Re: New KM or related books? Seen any good ones? #books #KMWorld

Santhosh Shekar

Thank you so much Arthur for sharing about the book!


Sharing a little more info on the book..
The book title is " Design Knowledge Management System" : available on Amazon

The book provides concepts and illustrations to develop KM framework, toolkit,  KM Architecture, Marketing and sales function - onboarding and knowledge Assets use case; practical guide to start KM program in organization from scratch...

ISO 30401 requirements checklists, mapping KM to your organisational KM ; KM approaches - standalone, enterprise, etc; - it provides individuals and organizations guidance to harness Organizational intelligence !

Again, the book is useful for every knowledge worker, regardless of their stand/opinion on KM standard.

Thank you,
Santhosh Shekar
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On Wed, 7 Jul 2021, 4:46 am Arthur Shelley, <arthur@...> wrote:
I also think that Santhosh Sekar's book on pragmatic implementation of ISO30401 is worth highlighting

Arthur Shelley
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On 7 Jul 2021, at 10:32, Arthur Shelley <arthur@...> wrote:

Hi Jane,

Several of the topics in Stans list are covered in an interdependent way in my 2 most recent books:
KNOWledge SUCCESSion, released a few years ago now
Becoming Adaptable, to be released globally in the next month or so. Becoming Adaptable is very pertinent to cocreating new knowledge in the current uncertain world. It also advises people on how to choose and act on most appropriate knowledge and behaviours in novel situations. 

Arthur Shelley
Founder, Intelligent Answers
Producer Creative Melbourne
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On 7 Jul 2021, at 09:07, Patrick Lambe <plambe@...> wrote:

Learning to make a difference: value creation in social learning spaces by Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner


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On 7 Jul 2021, at 4:26 AM, Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> wrote:

Jane, here are ten to consider:
  1. A Research Agenda for Knowledge Management and Analytics edited by Jay Liebowitz
  2. The Gig Mindset Advantage: Why a Bold New Breed of Employee is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times by Jane McConnell
  3. The Journey Beyond Fear: Leverage the Three Pillars of Positivity to Build Your Success by John Hagel
  4. Lead. Care. Win.: How to Become a Leader Who Matters by Dan Pontefract
  5. Build Your Community: Turn your connections into a powerful online community by Richard Millington
  6. Beyond Collaboration Overload: How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being by Rob Cross
  7. Learning to Make a Difference: Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces by Etienne Wenger-Trayner and Beverly Wenger-Trayner
  8. The Knowledge Services Handbook: A Guide for the Knowledge Strategist by Guy St. Clair and Barrie Levy
  9. The Value of Knowledge: The Economics of Enterprise Knowledge and Intelligence by Tim Powell
  10. Handbook of Community Management: A Guide to Leading Communities of Practice by Stan Garfield

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