As KM professionals "How can we Nurture KM economy" ? #video #state-of-KM

Santhosh Shekar

Dear all,

I had recently launched an online "Knowledge Management Awareness Week" from June 13th to 20th as a KM practitioner to propagate importance of KM; I wanted to thank all my peers who supported me directly and indirectly in this event ! 
The videos are short 10 mins videos posted everyday for 8 days with one primary question. As KM professionals "How can we Nurture KM economy" ? 

I thought it would be a good idea to share the same here and also learn from this forum about how one sees KM Field shaping by 2040 ?

 "How can we as KM professionals nurture the KM economy in this pandemic ? ( I am not talking about KM-IT systems)
How do we establish Formal KM as one of the core functions/disciplines in organizations ? How many more decades will it take  ?

Video Links- KM awareness week ::
1. How do we expand the KM economy ? How to improve opportunities for KM/IM professionals 
2. How do we sell KM standards to "bottom of Pyramid "  organizations ?

1. What is "world of knowledge constraints" for a knowledge worker ?
Distinction between KM system and KM- IT system 
Whichever role you play, whatever Industry you are in, start KM? 

Where Can we apply KM practices ?
Which Business area should I pick to start designing KM strategy ?
What are KM approaches - Ad-Hoc, Stand-alone, Functions etc?

Who are you and what role do you play ?
How do you start building your first KM system ?

What is Knowledge Management Architecture w.r.t organizational resilience ?
What are the common knowledge management areas across industry ?

Th two decades of ROI for KM-IT system & 
The Need of KM system in this pandemic ?
How can KM and Innovation contribute to a Knowledge Based Economy ?
How Stronger Knowledge Management practices can create a huge industry ?

Bonus Video Guest Speaker -

What are the Key requirements of ISO 30401 KMS ?
What are the basic principles on which the KM standards are developed ? 

What is Macro Knowledge Management ?
What is Stand-Alone Knowledge Management ?
What actions can we take at our level to propagate KM ?

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