File/folder security education resources #resources

Michael Hutchens

Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

I work for a local government IT department. Our users have a huge variance in terms of IT awareness and skills - everyone from regional park rangers and dog control officers who are out in the field 95% of the time and rarely touch emails to finance and procurement staff in our main offices who are quite IT-savvy.

We have an Office365 implementation, with Delve turned on. Delve has highlighted for us that there is a lack of understanding within elements of our user base about file/folder permissions and personal IT security best practices. So I'm looking around for tools-agnostic resources (videos, web pages, documents) that I can share with my users that describe:


-What permissions are

-Why users need to be mindful of them/why they are important


Any hints and tips would really be appreciated (as well as more abstract advice about how to educate non-IT users about file/folder security) :)

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