Re: Combining multiple repositories via one search #search

Curtis A. Conley

I've been speaking with Scio about setting up a pilot using their search tool. So I haven't gotten hands-on with it just yet; however, it seems really promising as they're attempting to solve for exactly this kind of use case. They're a newer start-up, just exiting stealth mode - but their solution is certainly worth looking into if you have a plethora of sources to scour. 

On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 12:33 AM Jay Kreshel <jkreshel@...> wrote:
I have several data sources being used in my organization, with multiple groups inputting knowledge files (documents, videos, notes, articles, etc.). This content comes from Seismic, Help Juice, Zendesk, as well as a learning management system, plus the possibility of others. 

I am looking for a means to search in one location for information across each of those repositories.

Does anyone have a recommended solution?


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