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Ginetta - a couple of thoughts.

1. AI on its own still needs experts to tell it what to do! 
It’s unclear to me whether AI will have any particularly different role in enterprise KM than it does anywhere else its being successfully applied. Namely, AI provides a way to encode heuristics (from human experts) that are then used to process vast amounts of data at rates and volumes that are beyond the capabilities of a human. For example, UC Davis is working with wild land fire protection agencies to develop AI-based fire detection systems. These systems rely heavily on experts to tell the AI what to look for. Without that initial seeding, the AI would be more prone to errors.

2. ML+AI = ??  
Adding ML (machine learning) to the wild land fire application might be effective, helping the AI get better at distinguishing between conditions that represent an imminent threat and those which do not. And perhaps that is where there might be an interesting impact on KM: an AI coupled with ML could teach itself to do things that an expert human operator would not have ever figured out (viz AlphaGo, for instance). Here, a KM function in an enterprise setting might be tasked with identifying the best use cases and opportunities to apply an AI+KM solution using criteria like speed, accuracy, cost-avoidance, etc. 

 KM: it’s all about re-use! 
You wrote: >>>knowledge managers in their job within organizations, facilitating and improving knowledge mining, management and dissemination<<<

As a side note I’d add re-use to your list here. Collecting, organizing, and disseminating doesn’t result in value creation until re-use occurs. So monitoring, tracking and encouraging re-use is an important part of the knowledge manager’s job, I believe. 

Good luck with your efforts - let us know what you conclude and how it goes!

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