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Robert M. Taylor

Lisa Austin, good summary. Yes, Tami, ruling out M365 you’re ruling out the best integrated ‘base’ but you’d still have way loads of work to do to get what you describe. The other option is to integrate open source or best of breed components and for that you need a skilled team. You might want to see what you already have. For instance, for a sales team using just for pipeline, a team I worked with got a long way working with the vendor and leveraging its Chatter chat channel and content management capabilities. Even tho I do like tech, I’m content enough to have something in the IT space because there are way more important things for me to focus on. I will read with interest and check up on any products others recommend though! Thanks for sparking the thread. 

Robert Taylor
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On 15 Jul 2021, at 13:47, Lisa Austin <lbaustin8@...> wrote:

Hi Tami,
I haven’t replied to a post in ages, but for some reason your request caught me this morning.  I’m going to give my opinion, from my 20 years of working with KM systems…. you are looking for the holy grail.  You don’t provide enough info of how large an organization, or $ constraints..  however,  there is no one “KM system” that does all of that.  1 may do some of it, but then you will have to integrate with something else.  More than likely you will have multiple options for the content management, visualization/usability, web based + responsive..  and maybe some of the others, but the smart search engine will definitely have to be a separate tool…. And, on top of all that, to get the tools and to integrate them will be in the millions.  My recommendation would be to not look for a “KM system”.. but focus on which KM capabilities your organization has the capacity to deal with and focus on that.  Your KM system that you describe would be trying to solve at least 5 or 6 different KM problems (if not more).  I recommend an agile approach of minimum viable product is best.  Choose 1 problem you are trying to solve and start there.  Yes, it might be throw away if the tool doesn’t scale, but better to see if your organization is willing to use a cheap tool, then to spend the time and effort to deliver an all encompassing tool and find out they really don’t care about any of it, and you wasted millions.
That’s just my opinion having worked on the exact same thing for 3 different large corporations.   

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