Re: Recommendation for KMS with specific features #tools

Tami Dubi

H Lisa and Robert,
Thanks for your detailed responses.

@Lisa_Austin, you actually read my mind. I was thinking of the holy grail while writing the specifications. I thought that a system with those specifications was non-existent, but I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss some magical system out there.

I agree with you that we can't have it all and have to be practical and focus on what we can achieve in what we have, and I also believe that strategy, processes, and people come before tools. However, companies today insist on tools, especially companies that are software developers themselves. 

The company/ companies that I referred to are fast-growing High-Tech startup companies, where most employees are in their 20s. 

And to answer your question, @Robert_Tylor, That is one of the reasons why I excluded SP, which is conceived cumbersome, outdated, and generally "not cool."
After reviewing your answer, I wonder if it is a good idea for us as a group of practitioners to form a shared knowledge source that will include a table that will include Software desirable features. We will share software that we worked with for each feature that gave us a solution for a KM challenge, maybe with a short example, something like the table below. I think it will contribute to the knowledge of this group. What do you think?


System that was used  

KM challenge that I solved


Information protection issues

Specify other systems which integrated with the solution

 A search engine that can search other software in the organization






Content management, including standardization and templates






Dynamic Q & A with validation options






Enhancing knowledge by using Visualization and usability






Forums/ chats/ supports community of practice






Decision support features including feedback process +...






Web-based/ cloud based












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