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Lucky Esa

Hi Tami, 
this always be sparkling some interesting discussions when we're talking about KM System, which is I believe that you're discussing about an application or such a platform actually. rather than the KM system definition that covers the components incl. the people, process, etc.
I've been probably since around 2003/2004 helping clients building "KM System", which to me sometimes it's kinda misleading by interpreting it to a product, but rather it's some combination of software products. it's eventually requires interoperability and integration of some or many independent system that produces data, information and knowledge to some extent for the business. And even nowadays it needs to interop with systems outside the organisation from external parties. 
Yes of course we can approach it by implementing such a content management system (CMS) at the beginning, just find one that you think it would satisfied the knowledge-process requirements, think about a quick-win. Probably you'd looking at some cms out of the shelf like sharepoint families, drupal, confluence, alfresco, liferay, etc. Till at some point you would start needing some customization, or even crafting the application yourself, or building some kind of interoperability tools like API, etc.
Just think about an agile approach, deliver fast, get feedback from the user, then iterate. Since in my opinion based on experiences KM system is a very dynamic and a living application or even a platform eventually. 
Perhaps by using kinda design-sprint methodology you could define the MVP (minimum viable product) and start building and iterating the product to meet the users and business needs. Just start by using some of the cms product at the beginning. So you'll be saving time and delivering fast to the users, based on the knowledge management processes defined. 

based on your requirements above, as far of my knowledge and experience my suggestions would be sharepoints or drupal.

feel free to discuss more.

warm regards,

On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 5:57 PM Tami Dubi <tamidubi@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,
I am looking for a knowledge management system that includes these features (and I am excluding the options of SharePoint and Confluence):
  • a smart search engine that can search other software in the organization so that the user is not concern about the location of the information.
  • content management, including standardization and templates
  • dynamic Q & A with validation by the users
  • applying visualization and usability experience
  • forums/ chats/ supports community of practice
  • decision support features
  • web-based system + responsive

any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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