Re: Recommendation for KMS with specific features #tools

David Eddy

On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 06:57 AM, Tami Dubi wrote:
a smart search engine that can search other software in the organization so that the user is not concern about the location of the information.
Tami -

That's a round-about, long winded way of saying INTEROPERABLE.

Integration (unless you're still working on the first page of the first spreadsheet) IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Useful information is scattered about the organization (particularly in hi-tech startups) in all sorts of incompatible formats.  

I stumbled across a wonderful example of the sort of challenge KM is up against.  A now retired long-time data modeller who worked with state transportation / highway departments, offered that in one site, he found 32 different, acceptable definitions for "CULVERT."

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