Re: Recommendation for KMS with specific features #tools

Lisa Austin

Hmm. So a start up tech company.. because they are start ups, there are more process and behavioral options..  But, from a technology perspective, I think the first order is to understand the tools that the teams use to collaborate especially in our current Covid environment..  is it Slack? Zoom? MS Teams?  That’s where the knowledge of the company is.. that’s where you first connect with people and that’s where knowledge transfer occurs.  I agree with Robert.. I started my KM career with SharePoint 2001..  What is available today with the M365 suite (not just SharePoint) is probably the best KM System I have ever seen or worked with.. There is no “system” out there that has all of the pieces fully integrated into the daily life of a knowledge worker..  Admittedly, Microsoft only gives you 80% of what you need..  over 20 years i have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of corporate resources ($$, time & effort) to satisfy that last 20% with an integration or different tool…. by the time you complete your roll out of that integrated tool, Microsoft will have delivered on it (even if it's 3 years later)..  It’s always been a goal to integrate “KM” into the daily lives of a worker..  I would love to hear others viewpoint if there is any other “product, or already connected suite of products” out there that has all of the technologies needed to enable any KM problem. 

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