Best corporate expertise finder tools and service providers? #expertise-location

Jules Hugot, <jhugot@...>

Dear SIKM Leaders Community members,


I am an economist with the Asian Development Bank (ADB)—a multilateral development bank, similar to the World Bank, but with a focus on Asia.


We are looking to upgrade our internal people finder, which currently only displays staff’s name, office and phone number, job title and a photo. Instead of going through the usual HR/IT channel, our ‘innovation hub’ has launched an internal call for proposal, asking staffs to form teams combining people from different areas of the bank. As a member of one of these teams, I am looking to understand what are the state-of-the-art solutions for corporate people/expertise locators in the market, and which companies can best design and implement such tools. The next step would be to commission one of such companies for a pilot.


Our goal is to turn the current ‘people finder’ into a proper skill/expertise finder, while requiring as little effort as possible from staff (ideally none). For this, we would need a well-functioning search engine (e.g., that can understand mis-spelled names, for example), that would draw on data possibly pulled from:

  1. HR’s internal datasets (including but not limited to the dataset that is currently at the backend of the people finder),
  2. info web scraped from standardized online documents (e.g., here) pertaining to specific projects (e.g., so you would know that John Doe worked on project X in year Y, as an expert in Z),
  3. info web scraped from  Linkedin profiles (e.g., education, expertise, publications),
  4. info added by the staff to their profile.


Please let me know if you are aware of companies that could be able to help us design and implement the best possible internal expertise finder.




Jules Hugot, PhD | Economist | Macroeconomic Research Division | Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department | Asian Development Bank | +63 999 999 4630


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