Re: MS Teams Attendance Tracking and GDPR #tools

Stan Garfield

Kim, I posted your query on LinkedIn and received this response:
I know which feature you mean. GDPR is about personal data: collecting, processing, storing; and the conditions under which you comply. In that particular case, the first question is about if it is reasonable to use the data. If you use it to get attendance during training sessions and record it later in a LMS to provide a reliable training history, it could be considered a good reason because it is similar to roosters in a classroom training. But, this feature cannot be turned on only for that reason. It's either all or nothing. Same applies to the webinar attendance report which is based on the same feature. As long as MS does not implement a method to turn it on for a certain purpose by a group of people based on a policy, I guess there is no way to handle it complying with GDPR.

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