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Hi Bit – I did not realize you were on this list. Good thing I did not embellish your comments. :-). (The KM community is small and I might have assumed you followed this group)   

I think it would be terrific to push it out to the group with the caveat/request that it not be shared widely - unless we want to jump the gun on Reed’s line up <smile>  Of course your call. 

And Jane I don’t recall if I thanked you for sharing the podcast that we did. Appreciate it.  

(Book offer is still open, btw) 



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 I am also finishing a podcast with Seth where we talk about the book and Taxonomy/Ontology/AI. 

If interested, we can push it to this group. It is a great discussion about how you get support in your organization for projects that are somewhat ambiguous but critical for success  

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And here’s Seth’s discussion about the book and those topics in the Dysart & Jones Nexter Chat!



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My book – The AI Powered Enterprise – discusses ontologies in detail.  Bit Rambusch, head of Global support Services and Knowledge Management at Dell ( )had this to say about the book:



As an executive working on #digitaltransformationstrategy, I would highly recommend Seth Earley's book. It has been a foundational element of our ability to learn, develop and implement strategies to support our acceleration of #personalization#artificialintelligence and #machinelearning at a global scale. Your infrastructure architecture strategy needs to be rock solid and in place if you expect to scale your capabilities! #knowledgemanagement #ai  ( )


He had originally reached out to let me know it had specifically been helpful in communicating the role of ontologies to business leaders at Dell.  


If you would like to receive a copy, send a mailing address to seth@... and I will get one out to you. 


(I’ll make the same offer to the rest of the group but would need to limit to about 10 folks -in case there are a lot of requests.  Typically there are not so I am not too concerned… <smile>)




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Dear SIKM members
In my company (Framatome - we design and build nuclear reactors), we are in the process of launching an "ontology initiative". The intent is to build a top level data model that could be used across many knowledge bases of the company as a standard classification structure. In essence, it is about building a set of about 20-30 homogeneous taxonomies, for example "company activity", "manufacturing process", "organization", "product", "method/tool" etc... where different classes would be related to one another, such as hereunder on a simple example.
The idea is of course to both to enforce better interoperabilty of our knowledge bases, and to improve collaboration across the company through the use of a common dictionary of metadata, tags and keywords.
In essence,it is about building Framatome's "lingua franca".
We have two issues with this project
A- very few people in my company understand the concepts of terminology, taxonomy, ontology, or knowledge graphs. So gathering a team of passionate people around such an initiative is hard, and we cannot have all the stakeholders involved.
B- we believe we need some form of coaching to facilitate our working group, chartered to develop a high-level ontology starting from a set of classification taxonomies that are often used inside the company, with of course some variations from one knowledge base to another.
So my question to you is: do you have a contact with a taxonomy/ontology consultant who could help run our various workshops ? And if this person could be based in France, Germany or the UK, it would be even better.
I look forward to your valuable advice.
Many thanks in advance, and warm regards,




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