Re: Exceptional KM Examples #question #case-studies

Paul McDowall

I mentioned this a long time ago, but I'll say it again for those who might have joined since. Over the space of 16 years we saw virtually every (Canadian) government approach to KM, literally hundreds of attempts.  As the chairperson of the government's Interdepartmental KM Forum I was privileged to see these programs up close and personal.  Out of these hundreds of attempts we saw only three that I would class as 'successful', i.e., that had a direct and demonstrable business value impact for more than three consecutive years: the Auditor General of Canada, Defence Research and Development Canada, and my program at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.  In each case the KM program was directly aligned to the business needs and to contribute to the achievement of the business goals, and as such they garnered very strong senior leader support.     

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