Re: List of Knowledge Management Topics #roles #KM101 #definition

Stan Garfield

I received this further reply to my response: "If a KM practitioner or client does find such a list helpful, if it solves a problem or fulfills a need, then by definition it is a positive thing.  What concerns me is that, given your esteemed stature in the field, along with that of several other list contributors – these are some of the foremost minds in the field, IMO – I think such a list could 'in the wild' carry more weight than you give yourselves credit for.  If that is the case, then the fact that some idea or technique is -- or is not -- on the list becomes a matter of considerable materiality in and of itself.  Being on such a list inevitability implies recognition -- or even endorsement -- by these veteran experts.  I urge you to use your considerable powers of thought leadership carefully!"


I appreciate the concern. My view is that the list is not likely to be viewed as gospel. Rather, I think it will be seen simply as an organic compendium of terms and links to articles with additional details on each one that can be used as a starting point for learning more about the field. I was recently asked: "Do you have a taxonomy of knowledge management?" I was able to respond with a link to the list.

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