Re: Curation of SIKM Discussion Threads #Special #metadata #curation

Stan Garfield

I received this question:

>Did you use anything beyond a text editor to build that hashtag list? I read your list of hashtags as to have been built pretty much with brute force using a text editor.

The list is maintained by and can be accessed from the left menu by clicking # Hashtags. I copied all of the list entries to a Word document, reformatted to a simple list, changed all "Topics" to "Threads" and added numbering. calls a thread a topic, which I think is confusing.

Anyone can create a new hashtag when posting. I curate them to avoid redundancy, eliminate unique ones, and add definitions to the ones that need clarification.  Before or after posting, hashtags can be selected from the dropdown menu. So the list of hashtags is automated, the process of tagging is manual but with a list from which to choose, and the curation process is manual.

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