Re: What is the current/future role of AI in the KM processes? #art-of-KM #AI #collaboration #methods #knowledge-capture

Ginetta Gueli

Hello Thomas,
I read with interest your point of view, mhmm fascinating. I tend to agree with most of what you wrote. In particularly when you say "Computers do not learn. They only recognize patterns.": I cannot agree more!

Based on my experience it is true that IT people recommend more IT to create the perfect KM system, but I have to admit that I had the pleasure to meet CIO and IT teams who were in the middle; not many I must say, but there are, and they are precious, because they are great KM partners.

This being said, I am not sure that all the youngers will think of OT as a solution and the old school KM people will soon die off. With more than 15 years of experience I can consider myself to be part of the 'old school', but I have to say that it does not depend on the generation you belong to: I met old school KMers that were more OT than IT and young people who were more IT than OT, and vice versa of course.

Again, thanks for your answer. I will definitively 'use' them as food for thought during our interviews. Let's see the results.

Have a great August and keep in touch.
All the best,

Ginetta Gueli
Information & Knowledge Manager | Project Manager

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