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I'm a huge fan of Xobni!  I've used it for a few months and I've found myself actually using it, not just thinking its cool.  For me, its a great way to easily find attachments from a given person.  It's also nice to see 'related' people to a certain person because I find it easier to find exact vendor names/emails when I know my internal company contact.  I also use the discussion thread view because I find it easier to follow the threads compared to standard Outlook thread-views.  The phone number data field is nice as well because it truly helps to grab people's phone numbers that are external to my company (since it automatically reads the phone number(s) from emails). 

On the negative side, I agree with Jack, we've found that it only tracks emails that are actually stored in your mailbox.  If you delete them, then it tends to remove those stats from all of the views (my supervisor has a slightly strange practice to me, he deletes all of his emails and drags the "important" ones to a folder on his desktop, which ruins the stats as far as we've seen).  It sounds like maybe they've updated that and started to cache the data?  Also, my big one, I would like to see a server version of the software so that the cool network analysis could show everyones rankings (in a map, not just a list), not just my own.  Actually, its funny, we've used it as an extremely basic way to map a social network - we request a group of people to send over their top 10 and then can draw the maps from there (would be much nicer if they were dynamic)... I did send that comment over to Xobni :)

On a related note, may I ask if anyone is using the unsupported 'knowledge network' add-in for Sharepoint 2007?  I seem to recall one of our recent calls where someone was?  Any updated thoughts there?


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I've had it installed for about six months (it works in Outlook).  I haven't played with the analytics as much as I've seen mentioned on a couple articles.  I've been looking at how it fits into my regular flow of work. 
And that workflow has to do with getting back to old messages in my archives.  The search works okay, but is missing a key element for me: it doesn't search deleted items.  Otherwise, since I tend to file stuff away to get it out of my Inbox, and I don't always remember where I filed it (thanks to my complex use of folders).  The search gives me a time-ordered list of articles with an excerpt that helps me find what I want.  [Note: I just played a little - it looks like it can index Deleted items now.]
There are some other nice features, like that it shows people who are included in messages from a given contact, gives you a list of files from a given contact, extracts contact info, it now links to LinkedIn and will pull photos from there.  I find the statistics to be more "cool" than useful. 
Jack Vinson

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