Studies of KM Market and Employment Trends #question

Nick Milton

Hi Tim


No I haven’t done such a study, largely due to the inability to search (or filter searches) on Linked-in by vertical segment.


However when I took 40 “Knowledge Manager”s at random from Linked-in, 20 of them were from the legal sector.


Also when I looked at the people who had requested a copy of our global KM survey, a large chunk of these were from the US legal sector (see


Hope this helps, Nick



On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 3:46 PM Tim Powell <tim.powell@...> wrote:

Thanks, Nick, for this thorough and enlightening research.  I find your assumptions and method reasonable and credible, given the dearth of more empirical data on this.  (Don’t any government agencies or trade groups collect this important employment data?)


Have you done any vertical analysis, i.e., by industrial sectors?  Or even by gross categories like businesses, nonprofits, and government?  My sense is that “knowledge managers” tend to cluster disproportionally in the latter two – though my “evidence” for this is purely anecdotal.


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