Re: Workflow support of triage and sensemaking to ensure collected knowledge is reused #question #knowledge-reuse

Retha Prinsloo

Alas, knowledge isn't automatically re-used, e.g. when pushed to potential users thereof. I've heard these lament before: "I gave input to the lessons learnt, but management doesn't listen." or "We have lots of lessons learnt but no-one ever looks at it because they have to wade through a lot of info that is irrelevant to their requirements."

I guess synthesis and repackaging is required to make the lessons more 'consumable'. And then it has to be 'marketed' via both push & pull activities, e.g. a bite-sized comment on a channel like a Yammer group that links to the *full page or document, updated FAQs, etc. (*I'm always careful of full duplication on different channels as version control becomes a nightmare, hence recommending to link back to the 'one version of the truth' item).

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