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Good observations Retha


This may be a longer share than you expected.  I would suggest that knowledge can be viewable from a “use” and “flow” perspective . .. that it can be both fluid and “objective” with context providing “subjectivity for its use/reuse.”    Searching for Knowledge (information + experience), Finding K, Accessing K, Downloading K, and reusing in the context in which you need it is a function of the value you believe it provides in its ability to solve your problem or challenge, or to help one make a better decision.  


As you mention below Retha, the ability to characterize for reuse, to distill lessons learned (sense making) and to characterize these learnings in the context of those who would use/be using it is essential to making that K more consumable, by being more context relevant to that seeker/user.  Knowledge must provide expected value to the seeker/user for it to be relevant, at that time or in the future. So it can change for many reasons (expired, updated, et al) .  Relevance is value which is why I view KM as a process of continuous renewal.


Just one more view to consider.


PS if you are interested I can also share some insights on the “Friction of Knowledge Transfer” facing knowledge users.









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Alas, knowledge isn't automatically re-used, e.g. when pushed to potential users thereof. I've heard these lament before: "I gave input to the lessons learnt, but management doesn't listen." or "We have lots of lessons learnt but no-one ever looks at it because they have to wade through a lot of info that is irrelevant to their requirements."

I guess synthesis and repackaging is required to make the lessons more 'consumable'. And then it has to be 'marketed' via both push & pull activities, e.g. a bite-sized comment on a channel like a Yammer group that links to the *full page or document, updated FAQs, etc. (*I'm always careful of full duplication on different channels as version control becomes a nightmare, hence recommending to link back to the 'one version of the truth' item).

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