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Raquel Balceiro

Hi, Stan,

At Petrobras, we are always concerned about how to perpetuate knowledge in engineering processes and projects, mainly. Once we collected knowledge in workshops where we gathered the workforce involved in that project or process, these knowledge items received treatment and were analyzed by a team that made combinations with the knowledge contained in the organization's knowledge bases.

Since the Subject Matter Experts evaluated that this knowledge should be disseminated, they were either rewritten in the form of Lessons Learned and Points of Attention, and became available to teams from other projects, or they were incorporated into procedures, checklists, in our Management Manual, or in the Anomaly Management systems, in such a way that we avoid redundancies, but, at the same time, we could improve organizational practices with good local practices.

Subsequently, through the Community of Practices, employees began to send their Lessons Learned, Good Practices and Points of Attention to a specific SME, identified through a previous taxonomy. Thus, as the knowledge items were submitted, they were immediately evaluated and incorporated, if applicable, not requiring a workshop to collect them.

When contributions decreased, knowledge management teams started an interview process to collect these knowledge items, so that the knowledge generated in a project or process was not restricted among the collaborators involved.


Raquel Balceiro


Em dom., 29 de ago. de 2021 às 08:08, Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> escreveu:

I received this question in response to my latest blog post on workflow process. How would you respond?

>Wondering about the process of maintaining (prioritizing) captured knowledge. For example, with each project manager submitting a lessons learned summary for each project, how does the workflow support triage and sensemaking to ensure collected knowledge is put to best use?

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