Re: Business Case for CoP Participation #CoP #value

Raquel Balceiro

Hi, everyone,

I never imagined that you would bring me so many and such good thoughts for my presentation. It's wonderful to be in a community where people disagree and bring points of view that enrich the discussion and open our minds to other perspectives.

Certainly, this exercise that I was able to witness gave me extra insights for the presentation and I appreciate the generosity of each one of you. 

For those concerned about my family, they are slowly improving from the covid. Thank you all!


Raquel Balceiro



Em ter., 31 de ago. de 2021 às 07:25, Robert M. Taylor via <> escreveu:

Raquel, you've had some great answers already. I've faced the same question. I just want to share with the audience my reflection on this question of 'proving the business value of communities'. My reflection is that it's asking you to prove the business value of people working together, having a helper network, sharing ideas and experiences and so on - - such fundamental things that (even though I do and have answered the question in sensible ways) I really wonder if even being asked to justify these things isn't really something we should see less as a request for information and more a signal of a culture. We're probably not asking what is the business value of having electric lighting in the office, but we're asking what is the business value of collaboration? It's a signifier of a culture. Because when people can get help from each other they do things better, faster, with less errors, with faster innovation, with unexpected additional information also being added; they build trusted networks; they feel good; after a while they self-organise to determine how to mature, standardise and advance their practice. So, that was my reflection. I always answer the question sensibly and you've had some great input on that already. I also always think to myself that I can hardly believe I have to justify something so obvious and that the fact that I do must signify some resistance that many other uncosted activities and expenses do not.

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